MonaLisa Touch

For women experiencing vaginal dryness, MonaLisa Touch can make a remarkable improvement in how you feel, in the bedroom & in every day life.

5 minutes for rejuvenation

Restore your sexual health with MonaLisa Touch at Dominion Women’s Health.


With three easy treatments performed by your doctor, women have found improvement in a number of ways including:

  • Decrease in Vaginal Dryness
  • Increase in their own & partner’s Sensation During Intercourse
  • Less Burning & Itching
  • Safe for many women after breast cancer treatment


To begin, your nurse will escort you to a private room to disrobe.  A small amount of numbing agent will be applied to provide a comfortable experience during your procedure.  Your doctor, assisted by his nurse, will begin the procedure after allowing time for the numbing agent to work. During the quick 5 minute procedure, you may experience a slight vibration in your back. After the doctor has completed the treatment, you will receive instructions on at home care.  Most women are able to resume a majority of daily activities with the exception of swimming or strenuous activity for a brief period of time as determined by your doctor.  You can choose from any of our four physicians that perform this procedure to find the best fit for you.  To learn more about each doctor, choose from either Dr. Danny Shaban, Dr. Thomas Mead, Dr. Bialines Espinosa, or Dr. Zvonko Spasic.

Isn’t it time to feel better? Treatment is available for New & Current patients.  Click or call today to schedule and appointment. Complimentary consultations are available to learn more.

Please note that not all women will be candidates for this procedure. Please discuss your medical history as well as any risks associated with the procedure with your doctor before the procedure.